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Ryan O’Daniel started Intrepid Public Affairs to fill the void between government affairs and cutting edge campaign consulting. Getting his start in local politics, Ryan successfully ran some of Arizona’s most competitive legislative races. From there, he worked as a Policy Advisor with a nationally recognized government affairs firm, before serving as a Senior Advisor to the successful campaign of Governor Doug Ducey. At the request of the Governor, Ryan served as the Inaugural Director, creating a seamless experience for more than 3,500 Arizonans, elected officials, and international dignitaries.

Ryan served as Campaign Manager for the successful re-election of Senator John McCain during one of the most tumultuous campaign cycles in recent memory. Managing a staff of 20 and a budget of $16 million, Team McCain navigated a challenging primary, winning by 11%, before dominating the general election challenger by almost 13%.

The campaign’s success was derived from a willingness to challenge traditional strategies, build a culture that attracted more than 500 volunteers and interns – resulting in more than 4.7 million voter contacts in an eleven month period – and create consistent messages across all platforms, from new technology like Snapchat, to traditional print and television. Ryan has experience in large scale digital campaigns, TV production and placement, mail design and execution, and most importantly, the strategic vision to pull each individual piece together to form cohesive corporate and candidate campaigns. 

There are two ways to run a campaign; Scared, or unopposed